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I was just revisiting some shots that I took while I was on a business trip in Philadelphia and I came across this shot of a huge crowd of people in the middle of the park, watching a cartoon version of Batman.

One thing that stood out to me while I was there, was the sense of community that surrounded the outskirts of downtown as I drove through it several times. People just sit on the steps outside their homes, sipping tea or just talking to their neighbours. It almost reminded me of a more nostalgic time of China, where people would gather in public parks after dinner time to socialize and pass time.

When I took this image at the time, I was trying to capture that feeling I had when I first encountered this scene, that nostalgia and sense of community. Now, I see another interpretation within the obvious. The batman can be seen as this figure of authority on the big screen. The hero, the one who can save the world. The crowd are the "civilians", who believe in this hero. Even though he was seen through a big screen and not literally saving the world, the impact he has on the audience and the contemporary culture transcends the screen.

I am taking an Anthropology class called Visuality and Culture in school, and I am able to start seeing images in a different light after just a few classes. It will hopefully help me become a better photographer and see more of the world.

#image #movie #philadelphia #travel #photography #bnw #digital #iphone

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