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From Pharping to Boudha, only a span of a few days, I’ve already experienced so much. Starting with Tibetan language intensive classes to spontaneous hikes around the hills surrounding us, new experiences are being made everyday. We explored the sacred town of Pharping, where people of Hundu and Buddhist faith gather and dozens of monasteries, shrines and temples had been built. At night, we chilled around the bonfire and watched the stars. SIT couldn’t have made it a better start to this amazing journey. 

Then we departed to Boudha, where the real adventure begins. Living only 5 minutes from the Stupa (a Buddhist sacred shrine), I get to feel the amazing energy coming from the place everyday. The busy streets, dusty air, community dogs and goats are unique to Kathmandu. I cannot wait for the next adventure to come.

#photography #nepal #travel #religion #adventure #life #new #experience #culture #people #buddhism

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